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ヘルプとサポート【サポート編】/ Help and Support (Support Section)

ヘルプ / Help

サポート / Support

If you experience any problems such as abnormal operation or error messages, please check the following items first and then contact us by e-mail.

はじめにご確認いただきたいこと / What we would like you to check first

・ 他の端末のご用意がある場合、同じ現象は発生しますか?
If you have another device, does the same thing happen?

・ ご利用の端末は推奨環境を満たしていますか?
Does the device you are using meet the specifications for the recommended environment?

ご提供いただきたい情報 / Information we would like you to provide

  1. エラーメッセージ有無(ありの場合、画面キャプチャー画像かエラーメッセージ内容を添付してください。)
    Whether there was an error message (If there was, please attach a screen capture image or the content of the error message.)
  2. 現象の詳細(「はじめにご確認いただきたいこと」の結果、現象が発生した画面、操作手順など)
    Details of the problem (results of " what we would like you to check first", screen where the problem occurred, operation procedure, etc.)
  3. 端末の種類(例:PC、iPhone)
    Type of device (for example PC, iPhone)
  4. OSの種類とバージョン(例:Windows10、iOS12.1.2)
    OS type and version (for example Windows 10, iOS 12.1.2)
  5. ブラウザの種類とバージョン(例:Internet Explorer11、Safari)
    Browser type and version (for example Internet Explorer 11, Safari)
  6. 画面解像度(例:1680x1050)
    Screen resolution (for example 1680x1050)
  7. 回線スピード(例:38532Kbps)
    Line speed (for example 38532 Kbps)

Note For items 5 to 7, click here to automatically check the environment of the computer you are using.

お問い合わせ先 / Contact

株式会社LecoS 運営事務局
LecoS, Inc. Operations Office


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